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1933 Reo Flying Cloud

Clyde is a very rare motorcar of which there are (to the best of our knowledge) only 6 in the world. One of the first ever automobiles was built by the ‘Olds’ family, who called it an Oldsmobile. Their son, Ransom Eli Olds, broke away from the family & started his own business making trucks & buses. One well-known vehicle was a REO speedwagon. In 1928, Ransom Olds built his first motorcar using parts from other car companies. In 1933 he built Clyde – calling it the REO Flying Cloud – painting it burgundy & black and naming it after an American Indian. Unfortunately, 1933 being in the middle of the depression, very few cars were sold. Clyde was bought into Australia in the late 1930’s.

He combines well with “Oscar” and seats a maximum of four (plus driver).